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Lennie, Granger, IN (3/13/24)

       Calvin is extremely thorough and knowledgeable. He is great to work with, very responsive, and very passionate about what he does.

My issue was mold. His inspection included a very detailed, whole house, step by step, written plan for my mold remediators and other contractors to follow. His independent, objective assessment and advice is why my project was successful. It would not have run smoothly nor have been done correctly without his expertise! Lennie Granger, IN

Sue Peoples, Winona Lake, IN (3/19/23)

       When you are privileged to meet Calvin and accept the expertise he has to share with you, you will have had a very beneficial experience. Calvin is a gentle giant of a man who is more down-to-earth, honest and forthright than most persons you will ever meet. His years of experience are innumerable and his knowledge vast. Simply stated, 'Calvin knows his stuff.'

I sought Calvin out when I had a very serious and intensifying mold problem in an apartment that I rented. Initially I began seeking an explanation for the terrific, repetitive sinus infections I was experiencing. The likes of which I had never had in my life. I knew something was wrong and considered that obvious moisture in the basement may have been the source. The only way I would definitely know where the problem originated was to contact the home inspector with the most outstanding reputation in my area, Calvin Bolt.

Calvin determined, among other significant problems, asbestos, that the air should be tested. After completing the test, Calvin identified two classes of mold that, according to the Health Department were at levels exceeding those established by the EPA and housing agencies. Following interventions for these molds, I asked Calvin to retest the air. Shockingly, the mold levels had risen. The interventions had not addressed the issue of a safe living environment. At this point I feared for my son's respiratory conditions. He is a 31 year old man with Down syndrome who lives with me. His respiratory system is of major concern and compromised.

My dispute continued with the landlords and band aide assistance was offered. One being the removal of a drop ceiling which had absorbed the moisture of many years. The ceiling and insulation were observably filled with mold. Following the work by the landlords, the remaining ceiling was evaluated as were the furnace filters and surrounding structures. (Note: The original ceiling tiles and insulation were re-installed by the landlords.) Without any testing black mold was clearly visible. With Calvin's testing it was determined that 180,000 colonies of black mold were growing in the landlords' humidifier.

Each step of the way Calvin explained pages of testing and their meaning and implication. Most significantly, he advised me to move. The location was unhealthy and unsafe. Well, that's what I am doing.

As you can imagine this has been a very trying and stressful time for me. Calvin rescued me with his knowledge and information. I will always be grateful. I do not believe you can find anyone who will provide you with better clarity, guidance and an honest evaluation better than Calvin Bolt.

With deep admiration, respect and gratitude,

Chet & Karen Zorn (3/13/23)

       My wife and I, decided to hire Calvin, to re-side our home! I have known, Calvin , for more than 60 years! The job he did for us, was terrific. He consulted with us and kept us up to date, on progress, and hidden costs! We have had numerous compliments, on his work. He also found a reputable person, to insulate our home, and arranged for them to insulate when our house was in the place to be the least hindrance to the siding job! He also always kept the job site cleaned and as uncluttered as was reasonable. While on the job site, he communicated and helped several neighbors with small problems. He has offered to help us find reputable people to do other jobs for us! He is also very trustworthy, we gave him a key to our home so he could access the house when we were gone and busy. We had a wonderful time with him, reliving old memories and new! We were blessed to have him here when we had some trials and he would pray for us during our losses and pain! We can’t thank him enough for his consideration! We hope to continue staying in touch with him and his beautiful wife! Thank you so much, Calvin and Debbie! God bless! Great people!!!

The Hamel Family, Warsaw, IN (3/6/23)

       We hired Calvin to do an Air Quality Inspection in our home. From our first phone call with him until he gave us the final report, he was professional, courteous, and thorough. He clearly knows building regulations and pointed out some problems in our home that we could fix ourselves. His report is thorough and he clearly explained all of the lab results. We are glad that we had the testing done and have peace of mind now about the air in our home. We would definitely hire him again should the need arise for other inspections!

Daniel Devlin (2/25/2023)
Landscape Installation Department Manager
Snow and Ice Control Department Manager

       I hired Calvin as a third party for a series of air quality tests after a separate contractor completed mold remediation work in my home. Calvin provided 33 pages of documented results that accurately and definitively confirmed areas of my home where the remediation work had not been completed correctly. This information, as well as Calvin’s extensive list of credentials proved vital in later legal action required to correct the wrongdoing by the initial contractor. Calvin performed his work in a very timely manner with great communication. I have since recommended him to several acquaintances in need of the services he offers.

The Banich Family, Warsaw, IN (1/3/23)

       Calvin did the home inspection of our home when we moved to Warsaw and recently repaired the Radon Mitigation System. In both instances we were impressed by Calvin's knowledge, professionalism, skills and promptness. We highly recommend Calvin Bolt.

J. L. Jimison, Elkhart, IN (November 2022)

        I had the opportunity to work with Calvin Bolt, Certified Home Inspector, during a six-hour inspection of the homeowner association where my husband and I reside. It was an experiential learning opportunity that I would highly recommend for anyone. Mr Bolt was extremely thorough as evidenced by his close examination of underlying issues of exterior building maintenance, applicable laws, and suggested solutions. Mr Bolt was most professional, extremely knowledgeable, willing to view any item of which we had a question, and provided thorough explanations. Mr Bolt provided a 14-page enumerated report with 94 corroborating pictures clearly identifying areas of concern, several of which no previous professional had mentioned. It is a valuable tool from which a priority list and a budget can be developed.
        I highly recommend Mr Bolt and would value the opportunity to work with him again.

Amy and Brent Acree, North Manchester, IN (01/31/18)

       We called Calvin when we had a mold issue in our basement. He responded to us quickly, and came to do an inspection within the week. His inspection report was detailed and easy to understand. His treatment, with installation of dehumidifiers and better air ventilation in our bathrooms, has quickly solved our problem. The price for the project was very fair and true to his estimates. We would call him again in a heartbeat!

Bill and Debbie Katip, Warsaw, IN (1/14/18)

       Calvin was professional, courteous, and most of all, very knowledgeable. There is no doubt who we will call when/if we have another inspection need. Thanks, Calvin!!

Jim & Marsha Kiester, Kimmell, IN (10/13/17)

Michael & Dixie Sheetz, Bremen, IN (8/8/13)

        We are selling our home of 40 years, and after hearing horror stories from friends about the shocks delivered by building inspections after a serious buyer offer was made, we decided to be proactive and hire someone to conduct a seller’s inspection. After researching online to find a most reputable inspector, we found this site: Calvin Bolt was the person recommended for our area.

        In our initial contacts, we found him to be very congenial. We were impressed too with his extensive credentials and experience, but it was during our six hour inspection that we appreciated what a gem we had found in Calvin. He was absolutely thorough, thoughtful and professional, as well as extremely pleasant. He went over our house and garage with very diligent eyes. He explored every nook and cranny, and saw things we had not even noticed. He not only pointed out things we should correct and bring up to code where necessary, he offered suggestions as to the best way to accomplish it. That was extremely helpful to my husband. I typed up four pages of notes to save money on the inspection, but with Calvin’s expertise, the task felt doable.

         We did have a couple nasty surprises that blindsided us, but again, Calvin was honest and we knew it was in our best interest to hear the news from him. This will permit us to correct issues before an offer is made on our house, and it will also help us negotiate with a future buyer because we are aware of what certain repairs will cost us or them to make. We are also being very forthright with our realtor and future potential buyers, and reduced the list price of our house to reflect the repair they may choose to make if they feel it is necessary.

        This inspection was a $600 investment and worth every penny. We highly recommend Calvin Bolt with no hesitation.

(Inspector Note: Pricing included radon testing).

John & Sue Ringquist, Ft Wayne, IN (12/27/12)

Mitch & Lynn Babin, Pierceton, IN (01/17/2012)

Angel & Lon Yaney, Pierceton, IN (12/13/11)

Melanie & Ken Meyers, Huntington, IN (1/28/11)

John Peyton, Warsaw, IN (1/16/11)

Steve & Jennifer Hollar, Warsaw, IN (7/16/08)

E.J., Warsaw, IN (5/25/08)

Stephanie & Andy Blake, Chicago, IL (3/17/08)

        I have only good things to say about the professionalism and thorough inspection that Calvin Bolt completed for our home! This was a second home purchase, and we are located out of state, so the process seemed a bit intimidating, but Calvin made the transition effortless for us.

        Mr. Bolt made sure to check every detail, he explained every thing every step of the way, and was very focused on making sure that we understood what he was doing and that all of my questions were answered.

        His website is very explicit and well designed, and the final inspection report and pictures were outstanding.

        We highly recommend Calvin Bolt!

Jerud Langley, South Whitley, IN (3/10/06)

Daniel Ladendorf, Indianapolis, IN (1/19/06)

Mel Oliver, Warsaw, IN (1/11/06)

        Purchasing a home is a huge deal; one that can be exciting as well as nerve racking. We wanted to be sure we were not only buying a home for our family to grow in, but as well as making a wise investment. We also wanted to make sure no major problems were going to cause us to have to shell out money that we just didn't have. Calvin Bolt was recommended to us by several people to inspect our future purchase. When I called, I got an answering machine and thought well I might have to wait a few days more to talk to this guy; wrong! The phone rang about an hour later and an appointment was made. When Calvin inspected the home, we went through everything with a lot of detail. He took pictures and made notes of all of his work as he went. Calvin explained everything he found that would need fixed and told me how to fix it too. He also pointed out things that were already great in the home which reassured our hopes and dreams of buying this home. A few days later, Calvin delivered a folder with paperwork and pictures of the inspection. The pictures were marked clearly and paperwork was very easy to understand. I needed paperwork typed up for my insurance company and Calvin was very willing to help me get those papers. Calvin Bolt in my opinion went above and beyond his duty as an inspector. I highly recommend his services to anyone buying or selling their home, or even an inspection to make sure the house you currently live in is up to par with codes. Thanks Calvin, we love our home.

Kay Hart, North Webster, IN (12/29/05)

        I wanted to have a house I was interested in purchasing inspected by someone I felt would do a very good job. Calvin Bolt did an inspection in all areas of this property. He listed all problems into categories of importance. His final report was detailed and included pictures. I am very pleased with his work and recommend him very highly.

Robert Smith, Syracuse, IN (12/12/05)

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