Calvin Bolt Inspections & Testing

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Call me TODAY if you are contemplating selling your home and needing a pre-listing inspection, or if you are an existing homeowner needing help with the myriad of things that can go wrong with a house. I can help you with your process. CHOOSEY People CHOOSE Calvin. Independent, unbiased, fact finding inspector.


Calvin Bolt - Member of Independent Home Inspectors of North America - (IHINA)

IHINA members have pledged NOT to solicit work from realtors.

I am now "semi-retired" & just doing, mold inspections & testing, residential asbestos inspections & testing, & residential water testing. I am also doing those "specialty" inspections where you have an issue, or mystery, or other problem at your home or business that needs to be solved.


If you are a seller who wants a pre-listing inspection, make your plans and then call Calvin Bolt for your complete and comprehensive home inspection. If you are a current home owner and have no plans of moving soon, maybe you should consider a "healthy home checkup." Discovering potential or small problems now, including safety and maintenance issues, can increase your safety and save you a larger expense later.

Indiana law states that professional licensed home inspectors are prohibited from making repairs on homes they inspect, so you can rest easy and know that you will receive a factual, unbiased, report on your home. If you own your home and have that annoying odor, or noise, or moisture problem, give Calvin a call to help you solve it. He will also inspect condo's or your investment duplex property.

Calvin can also do the following:

  • Conduct dispute inspections for existing homeowners or buyers, relating to builders, remodelors, or other home inspectors. Expert witness inspections, reports, and testimony are conducted as needed.
  • Conduct limited or comprehensive inspections for existing homeowners, as well as new construction/remodeling inspections for clients, and all environmental inspections.
  • Conduct Light Commercial Inspections.
  • Can properly chlorinate your well and water lines from bacteria.
  • Inspect and test your septic system.
  • FHA, VA and USDA required inspections.
  • Inspect and test your home for mold.
  • Test your potable drinking water.
  • Inspect and test your well and pump system.
  • Inspect your home for pests--termites, carpenter ants, wood boring bees, and powderpost beetles.

Indiana State Licensed Home Inspector:

Experienced...Knowledgeable...Professional...Full Time Inspector