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I am now "semi-retired" & just doing, mold inspections & testing, residential asbestos inspections & testing, & residential water testing. I am also doing those "specialty" inspections where you have an issue, or mystery, or other problem at your home or business that needs to be solved.

Demand the Best

Calvin Bolt - Member of Independent Home Inspectors of North America (IHINA)

IHINA members have pledged NOT to solicit work from realtors.

Some real estate agents are not recommending the best home inspector for the job because they are more concerned with a successful home sale. They do not want to recommend the most thorough inspector out of fear that they might discover a potential problem that will kill the deal. It is important for home buyers to know that they - not the agent - decide which inspector to use. So, do your research and demand the best.

Remember, home inspectors have to meet Indiana state law when inspecting a home and when compiling the report. I have never, ever found it possible to do just the inspection part of a home in only 2 or 3 hours. Then, the report still has to be done after that. I do have a keen eye and an extensive background and I just happen to spot more issues inside the STATE guidelines than what most other inspectors see.

For additional insight on the unethical practice of real estate agents providing misguided or misleading recommendations, please read the attached article "Ethical Home Inspector Loses Referrals".

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