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Dispute Inspections

If you are a homeowner having some problems with your new home, room addition, remodeling project, or individual component replacement or repair, AND you haven't been able to get the situation resolved with your contractor, then give me a call.

Likewise, if you are a contractor and you can't seem to get things worked out with your client, then give me a call.

Also, if the home you just purchased was inspected by a home inspector, and you believe there is a major issue that was missed, then give me a call.

I am a third party, independent, unbiased inspector, who is a licensed home inspector and more importantly, an International Code Council Certified Residential Combination Code Inspector, in the complete home arena area of the 4 divisions: Building, Plumbing, Electrical and Mechanical.

The inspection and report will be factual, detailed, and thorough, and will be the same regardless of who hires/pays me. I don't slant my reports to give a favorable outlook to one party or the other. Sometimes "vision" gets blocked with emotions after a disagreement and people don't see things objectively anymore, so try to think about what the results may be, before you hire me; the truth/facts may not be what you are looking for or hoping to see. Often I can advise you up front for a "nominal fee" if I see that this "situation" has "developed", and then it would not be necessary for me to do an inspection and report.

I have a combination of 48 years in the residential remodeling/building trades and inspection services. I protect my reputation with accurate inspections and reports. Often times situations can be resolved just by sharing my report with everyone involved. Other times attorneys need to be involved when communications break down because of the passage of time with no action, and then too with emotions getting involved. Many times situations are resolved in mediation as well. Sometimes though, situations do end up in court.

You will need to weigh the costs--your time, money, and emotions--to see if it's worth pursuing. There is a balance point out there somewhere that says it's not worth it to pursue it. This is sometimes a hard pill to swallow, and it's not satisfying to know that you were maybe taken advantage of, or even "ripped off" in some fashion, but it may be the best thing to do at the current time to bring closure. I'm talking here about everyone; homeowners, contractors, and home inspectors. Also, reputations and public relations are at stake here and get involved as well.

If you believe your issues are "worth it", then give me a call. You may benefit from talking to an attorney first, on whether you should pursue the situation.

For the Best, Calvin

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