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Septic Inspections

Plain and simple, they are a lot of hard work to do it right. They are much more than pumping a tank and looking into the cleanout hole from above. Does pumping a tank constitute a complete septic inspection? Quite simply; no. In fact, from my experience, only about 30% of the septic systems I inspect need pumped. Did you know that a four person household only needs their 1250 gallon tank pumped once every 3.4 years? I cannot inspect a septic system if the tank was recently pumped. For one thing, some of the clues have been sucked away and the second thing is the tank will need to be filled up again for 2-3 hours before I can do my inspection. If I’m doing a home inspection, then the tank can be filled up during this time. I need to have it filled, but not running into the absorption system.

My septic inspections take an hour and a half-sometimes a bit less, frequently a lot more. I use dye, probes, flashlights, mirrors, shovels as required, rods, 2 sets of rubber gloves, sludge judges, a camera, and more, including scuba gear-NO just kidding on that part!! I will research the records of installation and repairs for you.

Replacement of existing systems, including yard work, start at around $5500-$6000. Mound systems start at around $8000 or more. I am not a septic tank pumper or an installer. I will give you an unbiased, independent inspection. I welcome your trust in me.

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