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I am now "semi-retired" & just doing, mold inspections & testing, residential asbestos inspections & testing, & residential water testing. I am also doing those "specialty" inspections where you have an issue, or mystery, or other problem at your home or business that needs to be solved.

Repairs / Contractors

Well, here’s an interesting subject. Just like most home inspectors (but not myself), many “contractors” (or handymen or retired folks), get fed some or all of their business from many of the realtors. Many realtors, many times, call the contractors to get the work done on a home before it can go to closing. If and when a “contractor” or repair person disputes my report findings, just remember that it is human nature for you to believe the last bit of expert advice you receive even if it is contrary to the first bit you received. I am always the first one on the job making an inspection decision. Also remember, I put my reports in writing. If a contractor argues something verbally, you must demand it to be in writing for it to hold any water. Most contractors will NOT do this because they know it’s difficult to be sued over something said, versus something written. If something in my report is disputed by a contractor, I have to see it in writing first, before I will respond or even take any action. Also, if a contractor says, “show me the code”, there will be a $50.00 fee, per code, paid up front by the contractor, before I spend the time to look it up and deliver it. I can’t continue working for free to educate “wanna be”, “jack leg”, or even contractors who have “been in the business for 30 years”. (Please refer to my web page called “Qualifications”). It’s a shame and a sad situation when a contractor knows less about his profession and area of expertise than what a home inspector knows about the contractor’s area. Food for thought.

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