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Mold Inspections

Calvin has been awarded the Council-Certified designation of Certified Microbial Investigator by the American Council for Accredited Certification (what is a CMI?). This prominent certification is awarded based upon years of documented education and field experience and also a knowledge test in the indoor air quality industry. Areas include building science, building related symptoms, building related illness, HVAC systems, assessments for moisture intrusion, microbial investigations and testing for fungi, mold, bacteria, viruses and their health effects, risk assessments, and mold remediation and verification.

The American Council for Accredited Certification offers nine board-awarded certifications to experienced indoor air quality professionals. Council certificate holders have demonstrated their knowledge and experience in such fields as building sciences, industrial hygiene, indoor environmental risk assessment and microbial investigations, remediation and consulting. Council certification programs are the most rigorous in the field of indoor air quality and maintain the highest professional standards. This CMI certification awarded to Calvin requires 40 hours of continuing education over the 2 year certification period, before the next renewal can be issued.

Calvin is the only Certified Microbial Investigator in Indiana north of the Carmel/Indianapolis area. Consumers can now easily locate certified IAQ professionals across the country and in their area. The American Council for Accredited Certification website ( now features a Certification Locator Map, which allows the user to search for IAQ professionals by zip code, region or Council certification.

What is mold? Is it the bad kind? What can I do? What should I do? Are my health symptoms from mold? Should I have it tested? How do I get rid of it? Will it come back? These are questions that most people ask of me. Mold isn’t really the problem. Let me say that again. Mold isn’t REALLY the problem. MOISTURE is. Either too much, or in the wrong place. Mold is a symptom, moisture is the disease. Treat the disease, and the symptom is held in check. Then the symptom can be treated.

I inspect first and foremost for the disease, after the symptom has been discovered. I have seen for 45 years what the disease and symptom can do to hundred’s of homes. Sometimes it has done little or nothing, other times whole floors have fallen into crawlspaces. Most of the time, it’s somewhere in between. Condensation is a big contributor to mold.

My diagnosing of the disease will be given to you in a full report with recommendations for a cure. Then the symptom can be sampled and tested in one or more of many ways. This depends on the location(s), coverage area, intensity, and different characteristics noted. Methods of sampling and testing are then recommended, based on what information you want to receive.

For peace of mind about your health and home, let’s utilize a process of inspecting, sampling, and testing to come up with information to benefit you. Calvin

(Remember that environmental inspections of any kind, including mold, are not part of a State Licensed Home Inspection.)

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