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Benefits of a Home Inspection

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A seller hires an inspector to make sure their home is “up to par” before listing it. Any items needing attention can be taken care of ahead of time which will then make the marketability of your home more appealing and result in a smooth, efficient transaction when selling.

Healthy Home Checkup

A "healthy home checkup" for an existing homeowner who isn’t planning on moving soon is such a great idea. Compare it to going to your physician for a physical exam. Your doctor can make an "early detection" of something that could be very serious to your health now or in the future. Knowing this early can save you time, money, health or even your life.

A similar situation can happen with your home too. Your home has clues in it about its health. Often these are not noticeable except to the trained professional home inspector. An inspection is a proactive way to keep your family safe and to avoid untimely surprises and more costly expenses in the future. The old adage - "an ounce of prevention...", may sound so simple, but certainly holds so true. Consider an "existing homeowner" inspection today!

New Construction

If you are going to build a new home or have a remodeling project completed, Calvin can do a phase inspection for you. This consists of 1, 2, 3, or 7 inspections throughout your project.

This can give you the benefit of another pair of experienced eyes to help your project be everything that you want it to be. Reports will be sent to you and your builder after each inspection. Since there is no county building inspector in Kosciusko County, this may be beneficial to you. I also recommend a 1 year inspection on your new home. This may also reveal more items, now that the house has had a chance to “settle in.” There may now be clues to problems that were not evident at the time of the final phase inspection.

Dispute Inspections

If you are a homeowner having some problems with your new home, room addition, remodeling project, or individual component replacement or repair, AND you haven't been able to get the situation resolved with your contractor, then give me a call. Visit my dispute inspections page.

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