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Arsenic & Decks

If you are a homeowner or a buyer, and you have a treated wood deck built before January 2004, then give me a call for testing. CCA (Copper Chromated Arsenic) was banned at that time for use in treating lumber. All of these chemicals are toxic. Arsenic content can range drastically, even on decks built in the same year, but from different suppliers. There is enough arsenic (one ounce +/-) in one 12 foot long, 2 x 6 piece of CCA lumber, to kill more than 200 people.

I can test the wood for you and also the soil underneath the deck, as the arsenic leaches out of the wood. I do not recommend growing any type of fruits or vegetables in the leach out area of a treated deck. Pressure treated lumber has enough toxic chemicals to qualify as a hazardous waste.

Call me today for your testing and report information on arsenic in treated wood and the soils underneath.


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